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  • Why is the saree blouse so dynamic?

Why is the saree blouse so dynamic?

By Drishti Vij

15th January 2020

There’s a style for all occasions

From the perfect statement for spring festivities to the humble wardrobe essential, the saree blouse comes in an array of shapes and sizes. It is as ubiquitous as the saree. But, this wasn’t always the case. This mid-riff revealing garment was introduced due to Victorian prudishness when blouses and petticoats were added to make the saree a modest garment. Traditionally, the saree was meant to be born with blouses.


While kurtas have been perceived as the garment of convenience, it has also stood for elegance and grace. This tunic-like shirt, that often has two slits on the sides, goes right back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. The Harappan and Vedic era have also chronicled this garment and was given different names depending on the style. However, it was during the Mughal era that kurtas became a common attire. And much like language, they have their iterations for different geographical areas.

What’s interesting about the kurta is that the straight-cut traditional kurta is known as a panjabi in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam. The traditional Punjabi kurta of the Punjab region is wide and falls to the knees and is cut straight. Today, the kurta has become somewhat of a pop-cultural phenomenon. Keanu Reeves wore a kurta when his band, Dogstar, won an Indian television award.


Today the saree blouse has become an integral part of Indian wardrobes. You can choose a classic style or add drama with experimental shapes. In contrast to the saree, the one-size-fits-all philosophy doesn’t work for the blouse. It often has to custom-tailored for the wearer. You might have seen your mother or your grandmother visit the neighbourhood tailor to get the perfect blouse stitched. Nevertheless, the blouse has taken a sartorial life of its own over time. 

Thanks to Bollywood and new-age brides, the blouse has gone from the basic choli to a style that comes attached with a bra. Backless blouses have long remained a hit. Spaghetti straps became all the rage in the 1980s, while the ’90s witnessed corset-style bustier blouses. Other than this, there are also more modern options that giving a lease of life to yesteryear styles.


Now wearing a blouse can seem as comfortable as wearing a cardigan or a shirt. They can be halter-neck or a crew neck. For winters, one can choose to wear a blouse that resembles a jacket. It has slowly transformed into an equally functional silhouette. The blouse is what completes the saree. The colour, silhouette, choice of material can help express the personality of the wearer just like the saree. 

This is why at The Burnt Soul we sell blouses as separates. We think it’s an entity in itself. Many of our styles are simple, comfortable and can work for many occasions. Our printed blouses are very versatile. You can wear it to a board meeting and the same style could work well for a pooja at home too. Fabrics and fit are always comfortable, breathable and brings a new joy to anyone who wants to wear a saree. 

Ultimately, we want to create blouses that are meant for the discerning customer who has an eye for details. We want to show how one great blouse is all you need to style in myriad ways. Visit the shop section to find beautiful blouses online.