Stylish tops that are visual joie de vivre

By Drishti Vij

16th February 2020

From vibrant florals to airy bamboo cotton, brighten up your day these trans-seasonal tops 

New trends can be exciting. But, in a time that has felt like a new level of absurd—trends feel irrelevant and futile. This is also a philosophy that long sustained The Burnt Soul as a brand. We are averse to trends—and want to make clothes that have a story to tell and remain stylish for seasons to come. Perhaps this is the reason why we have celebrated the timeless of a good-quality, all-purpose tops.


Going through the wide array of women’s tops can seem like a minefield. There are so many styles, seasons, fabrics and brands to choose from. Some seem great on the runway on models. Others seem great on a website. But, when they’re styled for real-life situations, they bring little joy to the wearer. This is why we design our clothing while giving utmost importance to practicality and wearability. 

Good fabrics form the cornerstone of our design philosophy and we believe there’s nothing better than simple, clean silhouettes. So a bamboo silk top from The Burnt Soul will often become a wardrobe essential for you. You will end up wearing it to work; you will be able to dress it up for an intimate celebration. And, for the days reserved for self-care, you will also be able to lounge in them.


There is no discernible logic to this. But, a great blouse is one of those rare wardrobe staples that once you like—you can’t get enough of. It takes up residence in your wardrobe the way a catchy song hook lodges in your head. Before you know it, it’s not a fashion piece any more, it’s a classic.

At The Burnt Soul, we make stylish tops that will seem like your old faithful. So we focus on colours that become a hardy annual and try to work with textiles that can survive the winter, silhouettes that can adapt to the new conditions, and prints that bring spring back to life out of nowhere.

The best women’s tops are those that make themselves useful, popping into your head to solve a wardrobe crisis, and that is what we want our creations to do. But, these oft-neglected styles will give your wardrobe a longevity and in a time that’s so uncertain, perhaps that’s all we need.