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Sweet summer breeze, staggeringly beautiful valleys, serene landscapes and
long walks — there’s something about the countryside that the city life has amiss.

Our collection, A Provincial Afternoon, is the celebration of all things bold yet
beautiful — a luscious countryside esca-pade that takes you from mellow greens to pretty pinks.
Content Coming Soon!!
From flowers blooming succulently to hummingbirds fluttering, our SS-19 collection BLOOM will remind you everything you love about spring. This summer, we bring you a collection which is silence and calm, nature and home, elegance and charm. Of cotton, colors and conversations!

Sit down. Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe and imagine a silhouette! A top you could wear for any occasion, be it the theater or a Sunday market, an evening with friends or a nice walk in the park. A dress that would never feel like too much or too little – just right. Simple, at the same time unique and special. This is how we dreamed up our ready to wear summer collection BLOOM to be!
Easy, playful and blossoming with vivid floral prints, think of The Blooming Garden as a lush little paradise created by The Burnt Soul. From flowy dresses perfect for a laidback evening with friends or family to playful block-printed tunics that can be worn as easily with trousers as they do on their own, this is style in full bloom.
Most silhouettes in this capsule collection are relaxed yet dotted with elegant details. These little seeds of joy will reinvigorate your wardrobe with a freshness of sorts—and will hopefully remind you of a serene, idyllic place at a time when the great outdoors seems implausible. Welcome a bit of wonder into your life with The Blooming Garden. Let your inner child play!
You will love our bottoms for two reasons — the relaxed fit and its vibrant tone. They’re cut from easy-on-the-skin natural fabrics and designed to sit comfortably at your waist. 
Our blouses are very versatile. You can wear it to a board meeting and the same style could work well for a pooja at home too. Fabrics and fit are always comfortable, breathable and brings a new joy to anyone who wants to wear a saree.
At The Burnt Soul, we stock designer dupattas as an individual entity as opposed to conforming to age-old traditions. The cotton dupattas online or even the ones made in bamboo silk on our web store, for instance, help us in pushing creative boundaries and make the fashion landscape comfortable and practical.
Welcome the statement-maker! Your go-to diary for all your quick notes and wandering doodles.
At the Burnt Soul, we have always endeavoured to create thoughtful dresses for women that can last for years to come. We often do this by treating our prints, techniques and silhouettes like one does with a language—with utmost respect.
Artisanal, handcrafted and timeless clothing from swirling paisleys and soothing colours of Indus to hand-painted floral motifs transformed into chintz, MIRA aims at creating a modern-day wardrobe that is as sustainable as it is seasonless and versatile—something you can share and pass on to your loved ones. These clothes will remind you of an oft repeated dictum: Love your clothes that last. Most of the pieces allow the wearer to adorn these styles as simply or as extravagantly as desired. Think of MIRA as a twofold tale—it is humble yet fashioned intricately with meticulous details. It echoes of a world where wardrobes can tell stories.
Tangerine mornings and light blue haze, if summer was a person we could romance it all day. From ser-enading the honeysuckle breeze to catching butter- flies — First Song of Summer is made with love and some more of it for all your sultry escapades. Bring some summer cheer to your wardrobe with a punch of warm colours like coral, mustard and even the rain-bow with this delightful collection.

Packed with our favourite silhouettes — from easy-to-wear tops, breezy dresses and comfortable pajamas, this collection will spur you to wake up to the sunrise
every day. So here’s to the morning, sunshine!
Our panel of interior designers have exclusively handpicked the right range of products from The Burnt Soul atelier that will be a perfect addition to your home. 
Our very own take on Mules infused with the subtle elements of flora and colour. Handcrafted with love in leather and canvas suited to fit your wardrobe and complete your look every time.
At The Burnt Soul, we give precedence to comfort over everything else. This is the reason why the kurta—a fundamental component of contemporary wardrobes—has become our raison d'etre. Each season, we reinvent the kurta for women and give it this ubiquitous style a new lease of life. What you will often find on The Burnt Soul are cotton kurtas for women that can go from work to dinner and silk kurtas for the times when you have an impending festive occasion over your head.

Lulls turn into laughter, somber colours become starry delights and midnights are marked by music and endless merry making — yes, festivities are afloat. Mehr — a culmination of grace, candour and unprecedented elegance —is an ode to all things celebratory. From dresses and tunics with a tinge of gleeful gold to saris, kurtas and anarkalis that’ll be the perfect companion for a soirée, this collection will give you a reason to groove, glide and set your inhibi-tions aside. Shades of blue, green and orange come out alive in silk and all our designs relish luscious details. Be it a cozy evening with a few or a high-voltage gathering — this collection will help you keep formalities aside, and let the holiday season begin!

Dancing souls and hearty conversations, there’s a feeling of fervour in the air. Our festive offering this season is called Meraki, a Greek word that stands for the sweet labour of love. Perfect for intimate gatherings and cosy get-togethers with your loved ones, it’s full of vibrant pieces that are infused with a unique free-spirit and emotiveness. From sparkling floral prints that decorate free- flowing dresses to saris and kurta sets that are full of life, each piece is made with an unbiased attention to detail through lightly- embroidered sequins, pretty-looking tassels and the timeless charm of dabka work. This festive collection does not just mirror the essence of our latest designs but is a symbol of our strength and individuality with which we want to dress, live and celebrate. It’s a sartorial representation of our souls—made with Meraki.
Our very own take on Moccasins inspired by the pigments that make color. Handcrafted with love in leather for all your chic and formal days oomphed with style.
Our very own take on Mules infused with the subtle elements of flora and colour. Handcrafted with love in leather and canvas suited to fit your wardrobe and complete your look every time.


If we had to wear one colour for the rest of our lives ,it would be PINK.
A color of softness and elegance, playfulness and joy! Inspired by the longing for timeless elegance and daily comfort, we are happy to showcase our latest offering PINKY PROMISE!

Explore yourself and float about with frills and flares as you indulge in the blissful silhouette of leisure. Packed with our favourite silhouettes — from easy-to-wear tops, breezy dresses and comfortable pajamas, each piece has their own character and story to tell..... which makes them so special.
No fuss-just Fun!

Wearing a pocket square is the perfect way to make a stylish statement without going overboard. Reign in the festivities with our set of pocket squares that offer wonderful options.
Bags handcrafted keeping in mind the modern utility requirement of travelling with your utilities. It is the perfect travel partner for both adventures and work trips.
Sarees for women at The Burnt Soul are printed with painterly strokes or woven in a
fabric that employs local artisans. We aim to create a world where even if you’re buying a saree online, it’s still sustainable and as stylish as it can be.
Make your classic pop with our sling bags. Handcrafted in an easy natural fabric, these bags are hand-embroidered with beautiful motifs. 
Say hello to your dessert dream!

Under the bustling sun the soul craves for a flavour play, something for each time of your wonderful day. With a pastel palette for your eyes and a chic vibe for your summer palate, Sorbet is a delectable collection for the ultimate summer story.

Blended with style, soul and scrumptiousness, Sorbet is an all-day comfort wear collection. Striped cotton delicacies handmade to give your wardrobe a scoop of coloured love. Work to play, wear

Sorbet all day!

Vanilla, Rhubarb, Earl, Frost or Creme, what’s your flavour?
Just like a sweet embrace from loved one, this collection is an ode to the solace of being home— a time when nothing seems more comforting than huddling up in a blanket with feather-light fabrics, airy silhouettes and perhaps, a sweet cup of ice cream to go with it.

Wardrobe staples like stripes are, thus, reinvented to form the foundation of this collection. And, the result is an assortment of pieces that range from light blues that imitate the colour of clear skies to soothing browns and beiges that will remind you of the abundance of earth when it receives its first rain shower.

Sorbet 2.0 ultimately packs a freshness of sorts with all its details, while reminding
you of the enduring appeal of a classic like stripes. So let loose from the daily humdrum of life and let Sorbet 2.0 be your icebreaker this season.
Lighting a scented candle can completely change a room’s ambiance —and your mood too. Light your home stylishly with this candle that comes in a beautiful metallic vessel. 
The perfect expedition buddy who’ll help you get through your day. The boxy love was handcrafted to carry your favourite things. A blend of canvas, leather and smooth mix of style, our Vintage Box of colour is something your wardrobe totally needs right now. These pieces of crafted love will spice up your outfits in a jiffy!
Our panel of stylists and designers have exclusively handpicked the following range of products from our collection-  Voyage, inspired by the rich culture and heritage of the blue city - Jodhpur. 
Our overlays are handcrafted with love and could be taken over just anything you wish for!
You will love our Pants for two reasons — the relaxed fit and its vibrant tone. They’re cut from easy-on-the-skin natural fabrics and designed to sit comfortably at your waist. 
At The Burnt Soul, we make stylish tops that will seem like your old faithful. So we focus on colours that become a hardy annual and try to work with textiles that can survive the winter, silhouettes that can adapt to the new conditions, and prints that bring spring back to life out of nowhere.