Sorbet 2.0


Just like a sweet embrace from loved one, this collection is an ode to the solace of being home—a time when nothing seems more comforting than huddling up in a blanket with feather-light fabrics, airy silhouettes and perhaps, a sweet cup of ice cream to go with it. Wardrobe staples like stripes are, thus, reinvented to form the foundation of this collection. And, the result is an assortment of pieces that range from light blues that imitate the colour of clear skies to soothing browns and beiges that will remind you of the abundance of earth when it receives its first rain shower. Sorbet 2.0 ultimately packs a freshness of sorts with all its details, while reminding you of the enduring appeal of a classic like stripes. So let loose from the daily humdrum of life and let Sorbet 2.0 be your icebreaker this season.